Over 20 years ago, we began a business in response to a growing demand for tailored recruitment programs. Today, it's the transformational hire. These are the appointments that take companies to new levels and get the competition thinking. These are the people that inspire their workforce and encourage others to join them. They are the people who demand performance of themselves.

They're extraordinary people and you don't attract them by being ordinary. So we pride ourselves on innovation and the ability to project imagination. Our processes are consistent and our experience extends to sourcing people across the world.

We have been involved in transformational hiring throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. In areas such as utilities, retail, manufacturing, banking and financial management, not-for-profits, even Middle East peace keepers. From individual assignments to complex Board renewal or management teams of up to 150 individuals.

The art of understanding

We work like no other. We get to really understand you and your company. What lies at the heart of your DNA? What is your vision for the future? Only then can we hope to find the right person for the position and, equally importantly, your culture. Given our involvement, we work best when we work directly with the decision makers.

We've also had a surprising amount of success in hiring across sectors - by seeing how experience in one industry can be successfully applied in another. As for our advice, it's invaluable, especially if you're undertaking cross-cultural or cross-disciplinary hiring. You'll also appreciate the benefits of our enterprise-wide engagement model that allows us to support your needs across the full range of disciplines.

Relationships, not just recruitment

We pride ourselves on our relationships. We've been asked to review, audit and supplement boards, conduct leadership workshops and provide input on strategic directions. So it should come as no surprise that our clients prefer working on an exclusive basis. Doing so generates a level of trust and knowledge that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

Much of our success over the last 20 years can be put down to our ability to source candidates in new ways by translating or interpreting opportunities in ways that attract clear thinking. Ways that challenge accepted beliefs and result in recruits who don't just complement companies but actually transform them.

Start the transformation


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